10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time

Hey! you have a business website but don’t know how to maintain it. Making a website and managing it is not an easy task, not even for pro players. If you are a noob player, then the website construction process will become hell for you.

Nowadays, every website making material is available online, and you can get it free of cost. That includes, Themes, Fonts, Logos, Graphics, website making codes, and the most crucial thing is plugins.

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Once you have a website, there are numerous tasks on the way that you have to complete at any cost to make your website unforgettable.

From an eye-catchy design to website security, you have many tasks to be done.

The list goes on.

So how do you manage all these things and more?

If you know what I will say, then you are right. But if you don’t know, then my answer is WordPress.

Yes, WordPress, of course.

WordPress is the World’s best content management system and is emerging day by day rapidly.

Do you know what? More than 455 million sites are running on the WordPress platform only. Further, more than 60% of the World’s top brands are operating and managing their websites on the wordpress platform and comes under the World’s top most visited websites.

Today, WordPress holds a 55-65% share in the global CMS market. In a second, users make around more than 27 blogs or articles, and this rate is increasing rapidly.

Here are the top and most visited brands that are using WordPress CMS to manage their sites.

  • TED
  • Sony
  • TIME.com
  • CBS Local
  • NBC
  • Spotify
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Renault
  • University of Washington
  • Playstation
  • Walt Disney
  • Star Wars
  • BBC America
  • TechCrunch
  • New York Post
  • USA Today
  • CNN

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that converts standard websites into attractive and user-friendly websites. It gives the power of customization. You can easily manage and customize as per your need and requirement.

The profit-giving part of WordPress is, it comes with pre-build Free Themes that you can use to make your website design, and the second part is Free plugins that keep your site maintained and you don’t need to manage manually.

Plugins are a bunch of functionalities in the form of software that you can upload to your WordPress sites to manage and expand the functionalities of your site. You can add on the functionalities through plugins rather than developing them through coding. It is a pre-build software that the developers have created for those who can not code and design.

Now, plugins will help you add new functionalities to your site, but more than 54000 plugins are available globally. Some of them are useful, but some are not.

So, the question is, how can you choose the right plugin for yours?

Every site has different requirements, and you need a plugin according to it. But, some available plugins will remain safe, and that you have to install them anyhow.

Here, we will discuss some standard and useful top WordPress plugins that you should use while making a website.

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WooCommerce Scheduled Stoke Manager

WooCommerce Scheduled Stoke Manager

With the help of the WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager, you can manage your stores’ inventory. With this plugin, you can work your stocks automatically. You can order your stock’s quantity. In simple words, this plugin is a Stoke Manager which manages your stocks on a single screen.

This plugin provides good flexibility and reliability, and the given features are entirely out of the box. With this tool, you can set a schedule anytime, anywhere.

Let’s have a look at some crucial areas and features that make this plugin genuinely excellent.

Key Features:

  • Attractive dashboard to manage every feature.
  • Free.
  • Simple and professional.
  • Tracking tasks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Manually enable and disable scheduled stroke management.
  • Five stars rated.
  • Build creating and editing facility.
  • Set up schedule stroke management at a specific schedule type.

All 404 Pages Redirect To Homepage

All 404 Pages Redirect To Homepage

If you are a WordPress user, you are aware of the 404 pages. A 404 error is one of the standard errors you will see when spending time on the Internet. It is a page not found error.

There are many reasons behind the 404 error. Firstly, If a user or visitor entered the wrong URLs in the browser, it can be caused by a 404 error. Secondly, losing website content during the website transfer is another reason for the 404 error.

The most common mistake you all make when you update your old blog post. While you edit your old blog post and title, you usually forget to change the URL of the blog post. That means your old URL still exists on the google search result. While you open that URL, it shows only 404 errors.

This 404 Pages Redirect to Homepage Plugin is a five-star rated plugin that will help you redirect your organic traffic from broken links to new links or any custom links. This plugin will turn all 400 pages into new connections. This plugin will genuinely help you to increase the traffic that you are supposed to lose.

Woo Donation

WooCommerce Donation

Woo Donation is a well-recognized WordPress donation plugin for taking donations. It’s a five-star rating donation plugin with a facility to build multiple donation campaigns at a single time.

This plugin has the functionality to add a donation button on e-commerce sites or in a cart. The means, install and activate this plugin. Now, while you buy something online, if this plugin is activated, the add donation button will arrive while you checkout or go in a cart to make a payment. So, you can add donations there while you are shopping, and this feature makes this tool extraordinary compared to its competitors.

The basic version of Woo Donation is free, and you can get almost every feature you need is the fundamental understanding, but you have to pay add-ons for the Woo Donation Pro version to get extra features.

The pro version is available for just $9, and it is very affordable compared to the other Donation Plugins.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple donation campaigns.
  • Every feature is Customizable.
  • Decide min/max donation amount.
  • Integration is possible with different third-party tools.
  • You can connect donations anytime, anywhere.
  • Set description field donation form manually.
  • The donation button is fully customizable and set wherever you want.
  • Enable and disable donation buttons manually and have a functionality to put donation buttons on cart and checkout door.

Duplicate Pages & Posts

Duplicate Pages & Posts

There are multiple reasons why we need a replica of our posts and pages. Duplicate pages & plugins provide the functionality to create the exact model of your pages and posts. With a single click, you can create a copy of your pages & posts.

Key Features:

  • Allow the user role to access duplicate pages.
  • Option to select the same post status.
  • Possibility to change duplicate post status.
  • Have a chance to show duplicate page links in post type.
  • Option to redirect.
  • You can add a post suffix.
  • Clone post option post available.

Social Custom Share

Social Custom Share

Nowadays, social media platforms are emerging. It is considered the best marketing weapon for businesses. There are many social media plugins available but, selecting the best makes our post valuable. Finding a proper social media plugin is very hard among thousands of plugins. To solve your problem, GeekCodeLab introduces a plugin called Social Custom Share.

This WordPress plugin is free, and it allows you to share your content on social media by providing medical social icons including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin.

You can add/remove the social media icons and customize them according to your requirements.

Key features:

  • Compatible with any theme.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is fully customized.
  • Enable/Disable individually.
  • All social media included.
  • One-touch share.
  • Adjustable size between Small, Medium, and Large.

Post View Count

Post View Count

Post View Count allows you to display how many times a single post has been viewed. It is a counter and counts the views. If you are also looking for a base view counter, this plugin will help you. You have to integrate it into the WordPress plugin, and it will automatically start counting the number of views. It will show how many times a single post had been viewed.

Key Features: 

  • Free and open source.
  • View count widget to check views quickly.
  • Supported in all WordPress themes.
  • Multisite compatible.
  • W3 Cache/WP SuperCache compatibility.
  • Lightweight plugin.

As per your business requirements, this concludes that you may need some essential WordPress plugins and tools, which have been mentioned in this list. If you are working on WordPress for a long time, you should check out the GeekCodeLab, where we provide all the solutions related to WordPress.

If this blog helps somewhere, then please share it further. You can also find us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, where we talk about WordPress.

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I wanted some image under add to cart button. Done. Nice.


I previously had the “original” version of this installed but the previous developer didn’t update it, so I have installed this version and it works perfectly. I use it for a dual language site and the 2 different language forms I have on my site (English and Arabic) redirects to their correct language pages, which is something the other redirect plugins failed to do due to their JS not working with Arabic URLs. Thanks, please keep updating regularly and I will continue to use it.


Have repurposed it for a unique Woocommerce need that has nothing to do with donations and it’s really easy to customise and does the trick. Thanks for making it available.


One of the best plugins and does what they have shown, My client needed custom tabs instead of predefined tabs in woocommerce and for it I used this plugin, I removed all premade tabs and with the help of other plugin i created new tabs, but this plugin is awesome, thank you


This plugin is great, especially if you need to add text on your product page. One caveat. Any addition you make is global. Need a way to add different messages based on product category.


The support was absolutely awesome – thanks a lot for the help!
The plugin works the way I expected!


Thanks for their hard work . I appreciate how patient they are . They are done very great job .Big thanks ,thumb up !


getting more more users after use this plugin. really Great plugin.


it’s very easy to setup maintenance page for any specific time period.