5 Things to Look For in a Shopify Plus Development Agency

5 Things to Look For in a Shopify Plus Development Agency

It is safe to presume the following if you are currently looking for a Shopify Plus development agency: As an owner of an online store, you want to create your website using the greatest eCommerce platform available. But not everyone has the same ability to sign up for Shopify, create a stunning website, and expand their company on their own.

You will almost certainly require assistance with Shopify Plus development if you hope to succeed. A professional agency can help with that.

Working with a Shopify Plus development agency gives you access to professional guidance on starting from scratch and building your website and business, no matter where you are in the world. So where should we start?

It might get challenging for you to shortlist a few as all agencies claim to be the eCommerce specialists you need. After all, you value your business greatly, and if you’re going to involve others in the process, you want them to share your commitment to seriousness.

Before, we get started – let’s find out what’s the difference between it.

Shopify Expert vs Shopify Plus Partner

Shopify Expert vs Shopify Plus Partner

When you first start looking for a partner agency, you can choose from thousands of agencies. Sorting the specialists from the partners is the first stage in narrowing down the alternatives.

Shopify offers two options for accrediting agencies. “Experts in Shopify” is the first. Agencies in this category are acknowledged by the platform, to be fair to them. The website of Shopify features an expert directory. In actuality, though, obtaining this designation is a simple task. Any Shopify agency using the platform may effectively train to become a Shopify specialist. Almost without exception, every Shopify agency you research will make this claim, whether or not they have received accreditation.

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It becomes challenging to distinguish between those who are just skilled at spinning and those who actually possess Shopify knowledge when everyone is making the same claims.

The Shopify Plus partners make up the second accreditation bracket. The true masters are these. Once more, the platform verifies them, but this time around the procedure is far stricter. Partners also need to have a track record of accomplishment on complex, large-scale projects for a diverse range of customers. They have repeatedly demonstrated their professional knowledge, not just asserted it.

1. Look for Certified “Shopify Plus Partners”


The first thing you should consider while selecting the best Shopify Plus Agency is certification. As we previously stated, there are countless eCommerce companies out there that say they can support the expansion of your company. On Shopify’s website, nearly any agency using the platform may be classified as an expert as long as they’ve completed some basic training. There’s even an expert directory.

Verify whether the Shopify Plus development agency you’re hiring is listed on the certified list of Shopify’s Plus partners or not. It’s the true way to determine whether you’ve located a good one. Shopify only awards this kind of accreditation to companies that have a strong track record of accomplishment for a wide range of customers.

Entering this bracket is considerably more difficult, but you can be sure that these partners have consistently shown their value.

More than that, there are other benefits to being a Shopify Plus Partner. These eCommerce experts have access to a vast resource catalog and receive direct support from Shopify, which means you will also have access to these resources because they have been thoroughly screened and approved by the platform.

Put simply, partnering with a Shopify Plus Partner Agency provides you with immediate access to a global network of assistance that can help you grow your business to the extent that you choose.

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2. Find an Agency with the Right Experience

Okay, so you’ve reduced the number of companies on your list to Shopify Plus Partners, and you know that the ones that remain can certainly assist you with your Shopify Integration. Still, you shouldn’t choose any old person to assist you in developing your eCommerce company. At this point, you may begin to focus on exactly what you’re looking for in a Shopify Plus Agency.

You should ideally look for someone with the appropriate level of experience. What does this signify to us? Select a Shopify agency that has a proven record in the eCommerce industry. This may sound unfamiliar to you, but it shouldn’t be for your agency partner. Look for someone who can support their claims with knowledge and experience.

Another thing to think about is if this Shopify agency has a track record of accomplishment in your sector. For instance, you might not feel comfortable becoming your agency’s fashion test subject if you sell clothing but they only have real estate experience. To determine whether an agency can adjust to your business strategy, ask for pertinent case studies.

3. Hire an Agency to Build a Long-term Relationship

Let’s examine each detail in further detail. A Shopify Plus development agency that will stick by you over the long term is what you should ideally be searching for. You don’t merely want fast results since that’s not how companies operate. Of course, you want someone who can assist you in getting things started quickly, but what happens once your website is live?

Hire a Shopify agency that will give you a call or set up a meeting so you may ask questions. Seek a partner who can assist you in putting continuous initiatives into practice to support the growth and success of your company throughout time.

4. Remember! Always Prefer Quality Over Quantity

You should constantly seek top talent when hiring someone to assist with your firm. If the agency you’re hiring turns out to be unresponsive or unqualified, it’s a straight BIG NO.

It makes no difference whether they’re a small agency or an enterprise. Before you hire them, have a conversation with their team and learn about how much and what they have to offer.

Discuss it with your team and the account manager before making the final call. Instead of hiring entry-level employees or unpaid interns, look for senior talent. When it comes time to do business, having a personalized experience and having someone who can answer the phone or respond to emails will make all the difference.

5. Hire an Agency that Sees you as a Partner

Choosing an agency that cares is our final piece of advice, as cheesy as it may sound, to assist you in finding the top Shopify Plus agency. Being a number or just another source of revenue is not what you want to be. Select an agency that shares your enthusiasm for your offerings and is committed to the expansion and success of your eCommerce company! When everyone is involved in the process—including your Shopify Plus agency—success occurs.

In actuality, all you need to look for in a Shopify Plus dev agency is someone who is both qualified and experienced enough to support you in reaching your objectives. And that’s a wrap – we hope this article helps you in making the best call for your business.


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