7 Cyber Security Measures to Defend your Website from Cyber Threats

7 Cyber Security Measures to Defend your Website from Cyber Threats

Are you afraid of cyber threats? Do you want to protect your website from cyber crimes? Are you looking for some cybersecurity measures with the help of which you can defend your website? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss cyber security, some common cyber security threats, and then 7 cyber security measures to keep in mind to protect your website. After all this, we will give you a plugin that you can use to keep your website secure and keep away from cyber crimes. So, let’s start and discuss cyber threats and learn about cybersecurity measures.

First of all, let’s discuss cyber security. Cyber security aspect that you practice to protect your website, device, online business, and servers from malicious attacks. In short, cyber security measures are used to prevent cyberattacks on a website. There are many ways by which your website can be harmed, and you can face many problems like losing your data and losing the accessibility to run your website. Someone can take unfair advantage of your website and upload illegal content.

If you run a business, you can lose all your money in just one day if your website gets hacked. So, you can use cybersecurity measures to prevent all these things and be aware of such cyberattacks.

There are many cyberattacks that you can face if you have a website. If you think your website can never face a cyberattack, you are wrong. You never know when someone can hack your website and delete all your data. According to reports, around 29.5 million records are breached. Approximately 2,200 cyberattacks are taking place per day, on average.

So, it is always better to be aware of these cyber threats so that you don’t have to face problems in the future because Precautions are better than cures. So, before discussing cyber security measures, let’s discuss some common cyber threats you should be aware of.

Common Cyber Threats you should be aware of.

Cyber Threats

So, here’s a list of common cyber threats you should be aware of. Read the list carefully to protect your website from these cyber threats.

  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. (DDoS)
  • Data Breach
  • Zero-day Attacks
  • SQL injections
  • Spam & Phishing
  • Supply Chain Attacks

So, these are some cyber threats you should be aware of and protect your website. Be mindful of these threats to avoid big problems that can harm your website or business. Do not transfer money or click any link without prior research, and never share your personal information on any illegal website, even if they claim that your data is safe. Remember that you don’t share your data, like your password, account details, personal credentials, etc., on any mail/text you receive without checking if it is genuine.

After discussing the cyber threats, it’s time to discuss the 7 Cyber Security measures you can use to defend your website. Using these measures, you can protect your website from cyber-attacks and smoothly run it without any problems.

7 Cyber Security Measures to Remember for Your Website and Online Business.

So here are 7 cyber security measures you can use to defend your website from cyber-attacks.

1. Strengthen your Network Security:

Keeping your network security tight is a necessary precaution to take if you want to prevent cyberattacks. Ensure that your logins expire after a short period of inactivity, scan the plugged devices and ensure they are malware free once you attach them, and keep changing your passwords once in three months. So, this is how you can strengthen your network security.

2. Create a Strong Password:

A strong password is an essential precaution you should take care of. Ensure that your password has uppercase letters, numerals, memorable characters, and lower characters; it should be at least 10-12. It will not let any other user log into your website easily.

3. Keep Backing Up Your Site:

Regularly backup your site to keep your data safe even after any cyberattack. If you lose any data due to a cyber attack, you will not face problems without a backup. You can post that content on your website again. Having a backup is also a thing you should keep in mind.

4. Encrypt your Login Pages:

Encrypt your login pages using SSL encryptions. If you use SSL encryptions, your sensitive information, like credit card numbers and other login credentials, is transmitted securely. Third parties cannot intercept it; no one can access your private data and login credentials.

5. Keep your Software Updated:

Many websites get hacked because they don’t update regularly. It is straightforward for hackers to hack outdated websites or software. Keep changing your password regularly, and keep updating the content, plugins, and everything available on your website so that no one can hack your website. So, updating your website will make it more secure, and no one can hack it easily.

6. Use a Secure Host:

Hire a secure web host for your website. Make sure that the person is aware of all the cyber threats and can keep your website secure all the time. Also, take care if they update your site regularly, and make sure that he takes a backup of all your data so that it can be restored quickly. So, having an experienced and secure web host can also protect your website from cyber-attacks.

7. Keep your Website Clean:

Delete the unnecessary applications, files, databases, and anything that is useless from your website. It would help if you did this because each plugin, application, and database available on your website increases the chances of cyber attacks. So, removing unnecessary data from your website is better to reduce the chances of cyberattacks.

So, these are the 7 crucial cyber security measures you should take care of. These measures give you an idea of how to protect your website from cyber-attacks. So, after discussing the cyber security measures, it’s now time to discuss the plugin that will keep your website secure.

Password Protected Store For WooCommerce

Password Protected Store for Woo Commerce is a security plugin that will significantly help you if you have an online store. If you use this plugin, no one can access your store without your permission. In short, you have to create a password, and only those people will get access to your site or store whom you tell the password.

Password Protected Store for WooCommerce

You can also choose the pages that you want to keep private. You can create a password for the Whole website, Some selected pages, or some selected categories as per your choice. This plugin can be beneficial if you run an online business or store; it will not give any hacker or illegal person access. So, it is a perfect option if you want to keep your website secure from cyberattacks. There are two versions of this plugin, Free and Pro; you can use one at your convenience. So now, let’s discuss the features of this plugin.

Features of This Password Protected Plugin that you can use for Cyber Security.

So here are the features of the Password Protected Store For WooCommerce Plugin

  • You can Enable different passwords for the whole site, categories, and selected pages.
  • You can easily change the alignment, size, title and color.
  • Customizable form title and form above/below content.
  • Customize form background image, color or none with custom opacity and opacity color
  • Option to customize page background image, color or none with custom opacity and opacity color

So these are some features of the Password Protected Store for Woo Commerce Plugin. Go and check the details of this plugin from the link given below, and to learn how to Create Passwords Protected Store with the help of this plugin.


Above is a blog on cyber security measures that you should remember. These ways will protect your website from cyber-attacks, and you will be able to run your website without facing any problems. Remember that all the methods mentioned in this blog are essential for your website security, so don’t miss them.

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