Best WooCommerce Donation Plugin in 2023 – FREE Plugin

Best WooCommerce Donation Plugin in 2023 – FREE Plugin

Woo Donation Plugin

I think you might have across the World Wide Web, there are lots of organizations and website owners collecting donations digitally. All non-profitable organizations, charity organizations, and NGOs, use this approach for collecting donations or funds for giving valuable effort to helping in special causes like natural disasters, old age homes, poor people, orphan homes, or any other causes.

Using Woo Donation plugin you can easily collect endless donations for your organizations or website. Our Woo Donations is the best WooCommerce donation plugin available on the WordPress platform.

We have two variants one is free and another is pro with lots of extra functionality. Woo Donations is a WordPress donation plugin which never lets you down.

With Woo Donations you can create a donation campaign for raising funds for your organizations or charity. Admin can set minimum and maximum donation amount, predefined amount, user’s preferable custom amount. Display WordPress donation form on Cart page and Checkout page. Donors can also change the donation amount on these pages before payment. Admin can track all the donations from the Donation Orders page, on this page listed all the past donation orders.

Pros of WooCommerce Donations Plugin

  • Easy to integrate and use
  • User-friendly system and interface
  • So much helpful for a maintaining WooCommerce donations digitally
  • Lots of features with free plugins also can get extraordinary features with the pro version of WordPress Donation Plugin
  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple display options for donation form
  • A most important benefit of Woo Donations is 24×7 great support
  • Any issue or query can be solved in 24 hours with the pro version of the WooCommerce Donations Plugin
  • The Pro version of Woo Donations has higher priority for customer support
  • We’re always ready and excited to support and help to you
  • We can provide guidance as much as you need

Cons of WooCommerce Donations Plugin

  • We’re happy to tell you that no cons are found if you’re using Woo Donations WordPress plugin for your Site

Features of WooCommerce Donation Plugin

Free WordPress Donation plugin features

  • Set up location to display donation form with options cart and checkout page
  • Set up the donation button color as per your theme’s main color requirement
  • Options to set up donation button text as per your requirement
  • Options to set up donation button text color as per your requirement
  • Manually have the option to set a donation form on the cart and checkout page
  • Manually have the option to set the Description field donation form
  • Manually have the option to set donation forms on other pages with short code
  • Manually enable or disable the option to display the donation form on the cart and checkout
  • Dynamic Label Options.

Pro Donation plugin features

  • Display predefined and custom price donation amount options.
  • Display donation request popup.
  • Add the donation widget on the website’s sidebar or footer.
  • Show donation order listing.
  • Download the CSV file in the donation order table.
  • Configurable screen position for a donation form on the cart page.
  • Configurable screen position for a donation form on the checkout page.
  • Fundraising donation campaign.
  • Auto-create a donation page.
  • Admin can set sticky donation buttons on the websites.
  • Donation button short code for set in the entire site.
  • Allow Email template for sending mail to donors.
  • Option to change any title, label, placeholder, button text, etc.
  • Timely support 24/7.
  • Regular updates.
  • Well documented.

How to install and Usages of Woo Donations Plugin

1. Select a donation product

Select donation product - WooDonation Donation plugin
We provide you with an already created product for donation product or select any WooCommerce product as a donation product.

2. Flexible donation amount options

Flexible donation amount - Best WooCommerce Donation plugin
The donation amount can be set with min/a max amount, predefined amount, or donor’s desirable amount.

3. Set minimum and maximum donation amount limit

Set mini/max donation amount - Best WooCommerce Donation plugin
Admin can use this option to set minimum donation amount and maximum donation amount limits. You can set both or only one option like you can only set a minimum donation amount or only a maximum donation amount. Assume that you’re setting a minimum donation amount of 10 and a maximum amount is 50. So in this case donors can only donate an amount between 10 and 50, not more than 50, and not less than 10.

4. Predefined donation amount

Pre defined donation amount

WooCommerce Donations Plugin provide you to set predefined donation amounts. Donar can select an amount from those already created donation amount predefined options. These options can display in different styles, like buttons, radio, or dropdowns.

5. Add a donation form on the Cart page and Checkout page

  • Cart page form

Add donation form on Cart

  • Checkout page form

Add donation form on Checkout

Enable donation form on the Cart and Checkout page with customizable positions.

6. Show a Donation Widget on your website

Donation Widget

Admin has the option to add a customized Woo Donations Widget to display donation form on your website. A WordPress widget is a modular element that enables you to add a specific feature to your website. Widgets can be added to different areas of a website, such as a website’s sidebars or footer areas, and they’re an inherent part of WordPress’ design and layout customizations.

7. Available position guide map for both pages

position guide map for donation form

This map shows you exactly where your donation popup will be displayed if you select any particular position.

8. Create multiple donation campaigns

Create multiple donation campaign

You can create multiple donation campaigns and display them among your donation forms.

You can create donation campaigns like Old age Homes, Orphan Homes, Help poor people, or any natural disaster helping fund, etc.

9. Customizable labels settings

Woo Donations labels settings

Woo donations provide most of the labels that are customizable. Set Donation form title, Add donation buttons label, Update donation button label, Popup donation button label, Custom amount label, Amount input field placeholder, donation note title, and donation note placeholder.

10. Display a customizable popup on the first visit

Popup on first visit

Set the popup for only display if the user visits the website for the first time with an expiry time for when needs to display the popup again. You can set your custom popup body.

  • Select the target page for the first visit popup

Select target page for first visit popup

Option available for selecting a page to display a popup for the first time. Can also enable or disable popups on mobile devices.

11. Sticky button for donation form

Sticky button for donation form

Enable a sticky button for your website. The button can be fully customized, can customize labels, button color, and text color. Select the sticky button position for desktop and mobile both. Customize the view of sticky button, like label with icons, only label,s or only icons for both mobile and desktop device.

12. Send thank you email to the donors

Send thank you email

Woo Donations lets you send thank you emails to the donor for their kindness. The email body is fully customizable like set the sender’s name, email subject, email body, etc. The email body contains the name of the donor and the donated amount.

13. Donation order listing page

Donation order listing

Admin can track all the past donation orders on this page. The donation orders listing contains every detail of the donation like customer name, order status, donation amount, campaign, donation note, and date etc. you can also download a .csv for the donation order list.

14. Want to use the donations form at any other place on the website?

If you need a donation form at any place on your website, don’t worry we can give you short codes for the donation button and donation form. You can also use a pre-created Donation Page or create a donation page by your own using premade short codes.

  • Free donation plugin short code

Free donation shortcode

[wdgk_donation] — Using this short code, you can show the donation form on any page, post, or custom template.

  • Pro donation plugin short code

Pro donation shortcode

[wdpgk_donation] – Using this short code, you can show the donation form on any page, post, or custom template.

[wdpgk_donation_btn] – This Short code displays the donation button, after clicking on this button shows the donation form in the popup instead of showing the donation form directly.

Why use the WooCommerce Donation plugin

  • Woo Donations is the best WordPress donation plugin
  • Set Fundraising donation campaign
  • The donation amount can be customizable
  • Display donation form at Cart, Checkout page
  • Multiple campaigns can be run at a time
  • With the help of short code, you can display the donation form anywhere on your website
  • Can create donation widget, popup, and sticky button for donation form
  • Fully customizable options for form, popup, and button
  • Admin can customize button color and label of the sticky button
  • Multiple positions for display sticky button
  • Option for hiding show popup in mobile device
  • Showing all the positions in the guide map
  • Donar can get thank you for a customizable email with all information of their donation
  • You will never find any best WooCommerce donation plugins at this cheap rate so must try them.

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