ChatGPT 3 vs 4 : An In-Depth Comparison Between Two Version of ChatGPT

ChatGPT 3 vs 4 : An In-Depth Comparison Between Two Version of ChatGPT

Chat GPT vs Chat GPT Plus: A Comparison

Are you confused between Chat GPT 3 and GPT 4?

In this blog, we will do a deep comparison between these AI tools so that you can choose one that suits your work. We will analyze Chat GPT 3 Vs 4 and figure out which chatbot is more accurate and helpful. First, let’s have a brief introduction about both the tools and know how these AI tools work.

Introduction about Chat GPT

An In-Depth Comparison Between ChatGPT 3 vs 4

Chat GPT is an AI tool that covers everything in one place. You can do research, frame content, take ideas, learn new things, and many more things on Chat GPT. Open AI launched this tool in November 2022. This tool has helped many people in many ways, and a many people are dependent on Chat GPT.

As per the records, Chat GPT 3 is the top AI text generator from OpenAI. This AI tool conducts a natural conversation with its customers and answers in a short period. Recently, OpenAI has launched an updated version of Chat GPT 3 known as GPT 4.

GPT 4 gives 10 times better results than Chat GPT3. GPT4 was launched on 14th March 2023 and has many advantages that will help you in the future. Both of these tools are text generators and give a response to the questions asked by the users.

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So, now let’s analyze and compare Chat GPT 3 Vs 4 and see which tool can be more helpful.

An in-depth Comparison between Chat GPT 3 Vs 4

Let’s compare both Chat GPT 3 Vs 4 AI tools by discussing all the points in detail. There are many things in these AI tools that will help you in many ways. The points mentioned below will clear all your confusion and give you a clear vision of both Chat GPT vs Chat GPT Plus.

So, here are the points with the help you can analyze these AI tools.

1. Parameters

Parameters are known as the variables used to control and adjust the nature of an AI tool. If we talk about Parameters, Chat GPT3 has 175 billion parameters, whereas the parameters of GPT4 are still unknown as it is still under development. But as per the assumptions, the parameters of GPT 4 will not be less than 1 trillion.

In short, the parameters of GPT4 are going to be higher than Chat GPT3.

2. Release and Accessibility

As mentioned above, Chat GPT 3 was released in November 2022, and GPT 4 was launched in March 2023. If we talk about accessibility, Chat GPT 3 is free to use, you just have to log in, and you can use it as many times as you want, whereas GPT 4 is only accessible for users who have paid for the subscription to Chat GPT Plus.

3. Information

Chat GPT 3 gives you information related to your query, but sometimes the information provided by this tool is not accurate, and the content given by this tool has a risk of plagiarism. Whereas the information given by GPT 4 is 10 times better than Chat GPT 3, and it is much faster than it. GPT 4 is way smarter and quicker than Chat GPT 3.

4. Grasping Power

If we talk about grasping power, then Chat GPT 3 gives relevant replies to our questions. It doesn’t give you extra details, and sometimes the answers don’t give justice to the questions. On the other hand, GPT 4 gives you better relevant, and more detailed answers to your questions. GPT 4 gives a more precise and reliable explanation than Chat GPT 3.

5. Multilingual Support

Chat GPT 3 supports 40 languages and can understand 40 different languages. GPT 4 outperforms Chat GPT 3 in 23 languages, and it can give responses to your images also. Chat GPT 3 can only reply to your texts, whereas GPT 4 can give you a clear explanation of images too. The images given below will give you an overview of the responses given by both tools.

Which AI Tool is Better and Useful? — Chat GPT and Chat GPT Plus

So, after comparison we came to know that if you are running a small business, and you use this tool to just search and explore new things, and if you want to learn new things, Chat GPT is enough for that. If you want to learn something related to your studies or if you want to know about new activities or learn any code, this tool is a perfect option for that.

But, if you are running a big business, and you want to solve your problem in a smarter way, I would recommend you to take the subscription of GPT 4. As this Chat GPT Plus gives more relevant answers and gives a systematic detailed solution to your each problem. CPT Plus can also analyze images. So, it is worth spending on this tool if you want to research and learn things on a higher level.

In the end, Chat GPT 3 will also give you results that can be helpful, but for better understanding and better results, you can use GPT 4.


So, this was a comparison between Chat GPT 3 Vs 4. We have tried to cover all the points that will clear your confusion, and you will be able to decide whether you should invest in GPT 4 or not.

I hope this blog helps you and you, end up making a good decision. For more such blogs related to technical topics, plugins, themes, etc. you can visit the Geek Code Lab website.


1). Is GPT 4 better than Chat GPT 3?

Yes, GPT 4 is 10 times better than Chat GPT 3. For a detailed explanation, I advise you the blog in which all the points are covered.

2). Who is the founder of Chat GPT?

The founder of Chat GPT is an Open AI company.

3). How many versions are there of Chat GPT?

To date, there are four versions of Chat GPT, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

4). Can Chat GPT clear all my doubts?

Yes, you can ask anything to Chat GPT, and it will give answers to all your queries, but it can analyze inappropriate queries.

5). When was Chat GPT 3 launched?

Chat GPT 3 was launched in November 2022.

6). When was GPT 4 launched?

Chat GPT 4 [GPT Plus] was launched in March 2023.

7). Does Chat GPT-3 give you unique content all the time?

No, it does not give you unique content every time it also provides plagiarized content.

8). What is the difference between Chat GPT 3 vs 4 ?

Chat GPT 3 will also give you results that can be helpful, but for better understanding and better results, you can use GPT 4.


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