Best Free WordPress Plugins For Send WordPress Post Notifications

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Send WordPress Post Notifications

Are you searching for WordPress Post Notifications plugins? But don’t know which one of them is the right pick for you?

So let’s guess that you want to send a message to the user of your website or if you have multiple authors on your WordPress website and want to know who published the new post.

So now let deep dive into it. In this article, we will see both types of plugins. For instance, I’ll define the types again in short.

  1. WordPress Post Notifications to the subscribers, when a new post is published
  2. WordPress Post Notifications to yourself, when your website has multiple authors or publisher

So now let’s learn about both types one by one, let’s ready? Steady? Dig in.

1 WordPress Post Notifications to the subscribers

So, when you want to send WordPress post notifications to your subscribers then you have to add a tool that can do such necessary things.

Create a form that allows users to subscribe to your email notifications and send automatic email notifications for the new blog. Here we have two best plugins that can do such things very easily.

  1. Mail poet
  2. Jetpack

Let’s have a look at these both easy-to-use plugins. Maybe might find a gem in the deep black Sea.

1 Mail poet

Mailpoet, WordPress Post Notifications

Mail Poet is a powerful email marketing and newsletter plugin designed specifically for WordPress websites.

  • Send automatic WordPress post notification emails at users’ specified time, send an instant email of a new post, email for all posts of the day, email for all posts of the week, etc.
  • The drag-and-drop editor is the best part of the plugin, users can customize any email template for their WordPress notification plugin.
  • WordPress block editor can help you to design a custom email subscription form.
  • Manage your subscribers directly from the WordPress admin dashboard, users can separate them into different parts if needed.

This plugin has much more functionality that can help your site to grow, so give it a try and find is it suitable for you or not.

2 Jetpacks

Jetpack, WordPress Post Notifications

Jetpack is another best option for you. But it has little low customizing options. But maybe in some cases, it works perfectly for you. So let’s have a look at this plugin.

Jetpack is a plugin with bunches of features, but we need is just only one feature which is the Subscriptions feature.

Jetpack is all free, you don’t have to spend a penny on it. No matter you have 10 subscribers or even 100000 subscribers you can send WordPress post notifications to all of them.

This plugin is quite simple, very easy to use and very easy to adapt. Users just need to enable the Subscriptions feature of Jetpack, choose where they want to put the subscription form and that’s it.

Users can also get email notifications for new comments on the posts they are following.

Which one is better to use?

These both plugins are so easy to use and very simple, but it depends on your needs for the email notification.

If you want to send just a WordPress post notification for the new post on your website, and it does not matter the design of the email template you can use Jetpack.

Now you want the flexibility to customize the design of the email notification, custom schedule, or want to send other types of email to your subscribers you can use this Jetpack too.

2 WordPress Post Notifications to yourself

Above you read about the plugins which can send emails to the readers of the website. Now here we are going to see the plugins which can help you to send the WordPress post notification to yourself.

If you are running a multi-author blogging website, in this case, to track the activity of your website you have to set up the WordPress post notification for you.

  1. Better Notifications for WP
  2. Notification

Here are two plugins which can help you to set up email notifications for your new WordPress post. Let’s check them in deep.

1 Better Notifications for WP

Better Notifications for WP, WordPress Post Notifications

This plugin is at the top of all plugins to set the custom WordPress email notification.

Better Notification for WP has lots of options to set the WordPress email notifications for the various kind of actions. But our primary focus is the WordPress post notification.

Users have lots of options for setting up email notifications for posts status like Published, Updated, Submitted as pending review, Scheduled, Moved to trash, Made private, etc.

Admin can also set which user roles can get the notifications, choose from the list or select the whole user list.

For the email’s content users have full control, which means you have a WYSIWYG Classic editor to create the content for the email. Users can add the dynamic data of the post like title, URL, author, and so on.

Better Notification for WP Pro has more useful features like you can set up conditional WordPress post notifications. This means users can set email notifications for the posts with certain categories, tags, authors, terms post formats, etc.

The free plugin has basic post notifications if you want more advanced features then? buy bundles, starting at $129.

2 Notification

Notification, WordPress Post Notifications

This plugin is the second best option to set up WordPress post notifications for your website. This plugin has most of the same features and benefits as Better Notifications for WP.

The Notification plugin can help you to send WordPress post notification emails for the posts and also give you the ability to send email notifications for other actions.

Users have also options for setting the email post notification for the status of the post like Published, Updated, Saved as a draft, Set for review, Scheduled, Trashed, etc. Users can choose them as per their preferences.

Also, the admin can set which user roles, specific users, or particular email addresses get the email notifications. The email content is customizable, user can merge post data like title, URL, etc.

You can set some conditions for sending the email notifications, admin can set that posts with certain categories, authors, and tags can send the notifications. But this can be possible only with Notification Pro. Unlock these pro features by buying the pro version, starting from $99.

Which one is better to use?

For sending emails for the WordPress post notification, these both plugins are at the same level. But if you want to send just WordPress post notifications for certain categories and tags then the Notification Pro plugin is cheaper than the Better Notifications for WP Pro plugin.


These are some plugins which are selected by me as per our research. And with time the features and prices may differ, so before you choose please do your research and take this article as a reference and finalize your decision. And the important thing is the best plugin for you is depend, on your needs. So first know what are your needs or what matches your website.

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