Exclude Posts from Search Results

About This Plugin


You can also exclude posts by entering keywords and sentences in the plugin setting page. If a post have any of the keyword or sentence in the title, content or excerpt from the entered values, it will get excluded from the search results.

This plugin can exclude any singular post you don’t want to reveal in the wordpress search result for your visitors.

This plugin provides a simple and reliable way to exclude posts without adding a single line of code.

You can exclude a post by selecting “Exclude Post from Search Results” on the post edit page. You can also exclude post from quick edit.

By default, this plugin will exclude posts only for guest (non-logged-in) users, if you want to exclude posts for any specific role type then you can select that user role from here.

This plugin only exclude posts,pages from WordPress site’s global search, it’s not affected to google search or sitemap.

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:1.2
  • Latest Update:12/10/2021
  • Active installations:Fewer than 10
  • WordPress Version:3.0.1 or higher
  • Tested up to:5.8.1
  • PHP Version:5.2.4 or higher
  • Rating:
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plugin features

Easy and secure to operate.

It is free.

You can exclude posts by specified keywords and sentences.

Just with a single click, you can exclude pages, posts, and custom posts.

Supports quick edit.

Supports Excluded Post sorting and filter in post list page.

Admin can see all excluded posts list on the plugin setting page, and can remove posts from exclusion.

Admin can select user roles for whom to apply exclude search results.

Also Supports in Afrikaans, Arabic, German, Spanish(Spain), French(Canada), Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese(Brazil), Chinese(China), Chinese(Taiwan), Russian these Languages.



I wanted some image under add to cart button. Done. Nice.


I previously had the “original” version of this installed but the previous developer didn’t update it, so I have installed this version and it works perfectly. I use it for a dual language site and the 2 different language forms I have on my site (English and Arabic) redirects to their correct language pages, which is something the other redirect plugins failed to do due to their JS not working with Arabic URLs. Thanks, please keep updating regularly and I will continue to use it.


Have repurposed it for a unique Woocommerce need that has nothing to do with donations and it’s really easy to customise and does the trick. Thanks for making it available.


One of the best plugins and does what they have shown, My client needed custom tabs instead of predefined tabs in woocommerce and for it I used this plugin, I removed all premade tabs and with the help of other plugin i created new tabs, but this plugin is awesome, thank you


This plugin is great, especially if you need to add text on your product page. One caveat. Any addition you make is global. Need a way to add different messages based on product category.


The support was absolutely awesome – thanks a lot for the help!
The plugin works the way I expected!


Thanks for their hard work . I appreciate how patient they are . They are done very great job .Big thanks ,thumb up !


getting more more users after use this plugin. really Great plugin.


it’s very easy to setup maintenance page for any specific time period.