Insert Script In Headers And Footers

About This Plugin


By using this smart plugin, allows you to insert google analytic code, facebook pixel code, custom style, javascript and more in your wordpress header and footer. no need to edit theme!

you can add custom script easily from admin side

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:2.4.1
  • Latest Update:01/06/2024
  • Active installations:20,000+
  • WordPress Version:6.0
  • Tested up to:6.5
  • PHP Version:6.4 or higher
  • Rating:
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plugin features

Quick to set up

Simple to insert scripts

Insert header code and/or footer code

Add Google Analytics code to any theme

Add custom CSS across themes

Add any Website tracking code

Add Advertisement script code

Insert Facebook pixel code

Insert any code or script, including HTML and Javascript



I needed the ability to inject OG tags into the header of individual pages. Other plugins have a lot of other functionality that I do not need.

This plugin is light and sleek and that is all it does. One thing, and it does it well.

I did have to install Classic editor alongside my existing GoodLayers setup. So far it has worked perfectly. I recommend it. I am using version 5.8.2

Tech support was very responsive, and solved my initial issue with the installation I mentioned. Thank you!


Insert Script In Headers And Footers - Plugin

Thanks for their hard work . I appreciate how patient they are . They are done very great job .Big thanks ,thumb up !


Insert Script In Headers And Footers - Plugin