Password Protected Store for WooCommerce

About This Plugin


Visitors will be asked to login to view protected pages, product categories, or the whole website. Store administrators can select multiple user roles who need to enter a password to view protected pages.

Here you can protect your store in 3 different ways like on the whole website, on page level, or on product category. Each way is fully secure and dynamic, admin can select specific pages and product categories and also select user roles who need to enter a password to view any protected page or category.

The Password Protected WooCommerce Store can help you to create your private store or password protected store. Admin can enable password and set preferable different passwords, set different password expiry time, select different user roles that all are different for pages, product categories or whole website to prevent direct preview. Admin can also select specific pages and product categories to be password protected or private.

Using Password Protected WooCommerce Store admin can fully customize password protected page WordPress like form title, form above/below content, Button color, font size, background, etc.

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:2.2
  • Latest Update:26/02/2024
  • Active installations:3,000+
  • WordPress Version:6.4 or higher
  • Tested up to:6.4.3
  • PHP Version:7.4
  • Rating:
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plugin features

Enable different passwords for the whole site, pages, and product categories

Set different password expiry time for the whole site, pages, and product categories

User role wise protection for each page, product categories and whole site

Also you can set a password for a specific page and specific product categories

Hide product from shop/loop of password protected product category

Customizable form title and form above/below content

Change title color, size, and alignment

Admin can set content color, size, and alignment

Set a custom submit button text, text color, text hover color, font size, button color, button hover color, border color as you like

Customize input box size, color, font size, border color, border color, placeholder text, placeholder text color

Option to customize page background image, color or none with custom opacity and opacity color

Customize form background image, color or none with custom opacity and opacity color

Isolation mode option to prevent conflicts with other plugins or themes that use wp_head or wp_footer

Option for adding custom scripts directly to the header, body and footer on password protected page


Very usefool plugin!
Also very good support knowledge.
Response email time, less than an hour.
Happy to buy this product!


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Great Support

This plugin is easy to use and does exactly what it says it will. I had one small issue and the support was terrific!


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It works perfectly. Very useful!!!

Thanks Geek Code, the plugin works perfectly, and they were very kind to customize something for us in seconds !! Amazing!


Woocommerce Single Product Page Customizer - Plugin

This a great tool for any business that needs to control their stock output. For most businesses the plugin is perfect as it is, I required a slight customisation and the team were imminent in their response time and production of the adaptation. Would recommend to anybody and will not hesitate to do business with the team again.


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Great Functionality and Support

This plugin does not have any analogs and works great for stores that want to automate restock function in specific internals automatically

Maximus Kuzminas

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The support was absolutely awesome – thanks a lot for the help!
The plugin works the way I expected!


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Great plugin for simple donations, works well out of the box.

It had a couple of small issues with my custom shop setup but the developer fixed them very quickly when I contacted him. It’s nice to see good support from a developer.

Happy to support this guy. Buy the license.


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Had an issues where the field was not properly rendering on our site. The support team already rolled out an update solving this before I even had a chance to ask.


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Fantastic plugin!

I tried the free version of the plugin and could see that the premium version was much better. So I went and upgraded to the pro version as soon as possible.


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I needed the ability to inject OG tags into the header of individual pages. Other plugins have a lot of other functionality that I do not need.

This plugin is light and sleek and that is all it does. One thing, and it does it well.

I did have to install Classic editor alongside my existing GoodLayers setup. So far it has worked perfectly. I recommend it. I am using version 5.8.2

Tech support was very responsive, and solved my initial issue with the installation I mentioned. Thank you!


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wanted some image under add to cart button. Done.

I wanted some image under add to cart button. Done. Nice.


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Easy and effective.

It does what it claims. I could easily added some html (text and images) before add to cart button.


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