Remove Woocommerce Product Content

About This Plugin


This Plugin integrates seamlessly with any WordPress Theme, and Admin can easily remove different content of product like price, thumbnail, product tab, add to cart button etc.
This plugin provides a settings page where you can select your customize and save them without needing to write any code or modify any templates, which is helpful for quick change testing.

Note: This plugin may not work on the website which is made using builders like Elementor, Divi, etc. Because this plugin is based on hooks and filters.

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:2.2
  • Latest Update:26/02/2024
  • Active installations:4,000+
  • WordPress Version:6.4 or higher
  • Tested up to:6.4.3
  • PHP Version:7.4 or higher
  • Rating:
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plugin features

Remove Flash Sale

Remove Product Price

Remove Short Description

Remove Categories

Remove Add to Cart Button

Remove Product Thumbnails

Remove Related Product

Remove Description Tab

Remove Review Tab

Remove Additional Information

Remove All Product Tabs



One of the best plugins and does what they have shown, My client needed custom tabs instead of predefined tabs in woocommerce and for it I used this plugin, I removed all premade tabs and with the help of other plugin i created new tabs, but this plugin is awesome, thank you


Remove Woocommerce Product Content - Plugin