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About This Plugin


Woo-Donation is a plugin that is used to collect donations on your websites based on WooCommerce. It is a great way to raise funds for NGOs, Charities, and any other causes. This plugin is straightforward to operate and understand. In this plugin, you can customize your donation plugin with features like fixed and customized donation amount, multi-currency support, form customization, donation industry type, widget and shortcode support, and many more mentioned in the feature section.

This plugin is easy and reliable to use. Just install and activate the plugin. After the activation, you can find the plugin setting menu in the WordPress dashboard > Woocommerce > Donation. Just follow the given steps, and you will be able to access the donation plugin. Visit all features one by one and set them according to your requirements.

  • You can implement the donation form in the specific post, pages, cart page and check-out page, as well as in a widget.
  • Admin can set min or max donation amount.
  • The donation form pop-up while the user visits for the first time.
  • Pro-users get some advantages, including the freedom to set donation from places, add notes in detail, individual donor lists, and many more.

This is the ideal scenario for charity organisations, creative people who wish to be supported by their followers, collective funding projects and much more!

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:1.3
  • Latest Update:03 Sept 2021
  • WordPress Version:3.0.1
  • Tested up to:5.8
  • PHP Version:5.2.4
  • Price:$29 / Lifetime
  • Rating:

You Can Use ShortCodes

  • Donation Form Shortcode[wdpgk_donation]
  • Donation Button Shortcode[wdpgk_donation_btn]

plugin features

Option to customise minimum, maximum, and fixed donation amount for customers.

The admin can set predefined and custom donation options with customized label functionality for their visitors.

Users can add a decimal value to their donation.

Feature to set donation form place according to your requirement.

Supports multiple donation campaigns.

The plugin has multiple options to display donation functionality on the cart pages.

Allow users to add the amount they like to donate.

Set donation pop-up on user first visit.

Support Shortcode.

Option to change any title, label, placeholder, button text etc.

Support donation widget with the help of shortcode.

Option to add a short note on the donation page to brief out about the donation.

Set an option for users to contribute to the specific non-profit organisation like Medical, School, Animal, etcup.

Once you have donated, you can update your donation amount anytime, anywhere, when you come to visit again.

Users count highlights with a blue symbol to see the donation value for the non-profit organisation.

The basic plugin has fixed donation places that are added to the cart and checkout form.

Displays only individual donation orders in donation order page.

Option to download CSV file to get donation details.

Admin can set sticky donation button on the website’s.

Auto create woo donation page.

1. Min & Max Amount Limits

  • Define minimum and maximum limits for donation payments.
  • Admin can set min or max donation amount.
features img
features img

2. Predefined Donation List

  • The admin can set predefined and custom donation options with customized label functionality for their visitors.
  • Admin can allow users to donate any amount of their choice by checking the custom value checkbox.

3. Donation form on cart page

  • Enable to display donation on cart page.
  • Choose position for donation form in cart page.
  • We provides Guild Map of cart page positions.
features img
features img

4. Donation form on checkout page

  • Enable to display donation on checkout page.
  • Choose position for donation form in checkout page.
  • We provides Guild Map of checkout page positions.

5. Create Fundraising Campaigns

  • It enables you to create fundraising campaigns with ability to collect donation.
  • Option to make at what industry you would like to get a donation from the donor.
features img
features img

6. Donation Popup

  • When a user will visit your site for the first time, he/she will see this popup for donation.
  • Admin can set the donation pop window for the site’s first visitors, including cookie time, delay time, and target page.
  • Option to enable or disable the first visitor’s donation pop-up window for mobile

7. Sticky Donation Button

  • Admin can set sticky donation buttons on overall eight positions for desktop and three positions for mobile.
  • Admin can customize sticky button color, text, icon & text color.
features img
features img

8. Send Email to donor

  • You can write an email message template to your donor regarding the donation contribution.
  • Admin can set from name, From address, subject and Email Body.

9. Donation Widget

  • You can add this donation widget in any sidebar. This widget will show the donation form.
  • Display donation widget at the any pages or posts.
  • Customization donation widget title.
features img
features img

10. Donation Shortcode

  • [wdpgk_donation] :- Using this shortcode, we can show donation form on any page, post, or custom template.
  • [wdpgk_donation_btn] :- This Shortcode displays the donation button, after click on that button show form in the pop-up instead of showing it directly.

11. Donation Order Listing.

  • All the donation orders can be seen on this page in the table list form, which supports the sorting functionality.
  • Admin can download the CSV file which contains all donation orders data by simply clicking on this Download CSV button.
features img

plugin installation guidance video


I wanted some image under add to cart button. Done. Nice.


I previously had the “original” version of this installed but the previous developer didn’t update it, so I have installed this version and it works perfectly. I use it for a dual language site and the 2 different language forms I have on my site (English and Arabic) redirects to their correct language pages, which is something the other redirect plugins failed to do due to their JS not working with Arabic URLs. Thanks, please keep updating regularly and I will continue to use it.


Have repurposed it for a unique Woocommerce need that has nothing to do with donations and it’s really easy to customise and does the trick. Thanks for making it available.


One of the best plugins and does what they have shown, My client needed custom tabs instead of predefined tabs in woocommerce and for it I used this plugin, I removed all premade tabs and with the help of other plugin i created new tabs, but this plugin is awesome, thank you


This plugin is great, especially if you need to add text on your product page. One caveat. Any addition you make is global. Need a way to add different messages based on product category.


The support was absolutely awesome – thanks a lot for the help!
The plugin works the way I expected!


Thanks for their hard work . I appreciate how patient they are . They are done very great job .Big thanks ,thumb up !


getting more more users after use this plugin. really Great plugin.


it’s very easy to setup maintenance page for any specific time period.