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Donation can be shown as a product on cart and checkout page, if end user wants to change their donation amount then they can re-enter donation amount on cart or checkout page to donate.

Options to choose a non-shipping, no-taxable product for donation purpose.

After woocommerce donation plugin activation you will find the “Add Donation” field on the cart and checkout page.

Also works with WordPress Multisite installs (each blog from the network has it’s own maintenance settings).

Using woocommerce blocks display donation form
When using woocommerce blocks in cart or checkout page you can use Woo Donations Block to display donation form. Please watch the video for more details.

Multiple donation forms
Multiple donation forms are available, allowing you to integrate donation form with multiple WooCommerce products. For additional information, Please watch the video

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:4.3.8
  • Latest Update:01/07/2024
  • Active installations:5,000+
  • WordPress Version:6.3
  • Tested up to:6.5
  • PHP Version:7.4
  • Rating:
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You Can Use ShortCodes

  • Donation Form Shortcode [wdgk_donation]
  • Donation Form Shortcode [wdgk_donation product_id=”123″]
  • Here is Template code <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wdgk_donation]’); ?>
  • Here is Template code <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wdgk_donation product_id=”123″]’); ?>

plugin features

Add multiple donation forms with different donation product

You can use Gutenberg block to display donation form

Manually have option to set donation form on other pages with shortcode

Manually have option to display donation form with Gutenberg block or Elementor widget

Set up a specific product as donation from list of product

Set up location to display donation form with options cart and checkout page

Manually enable disable option to display donation form on cart and checkout

Manually have option to set donation form on cart and checkout page

Set up donation button color as per your theme main color requirement

Options to set up donation button text as per your requirement

Options to set up donation button text color as per your requirement

Manually have option to set Description field donation form

Dynamic Label Options.

Gutenberg support.

Elementor support.

Translate Support Loco Translate Plugin.

plugin installation guidance video


Great Support

This plugin is easy to use and does exactly what it says it will. I had one small issue and the support was terrific!


Woo Donations - Plugin

The support was absolutely awesome – thanks a lot for the help!
The plugin works the way I expected!


Woo Donation - Plugin

Great plugin for simple donations, works well out of the box.

It had a couple of small issues with my custom shop setup but the developer fixed them very quickly when I contacted him. It’s nice to see good support from a developer.

Happy to support this guy. Buy the license.


Woo Donations - Plugin

Had an issues where the field was not properly rendering on our site. The support team already rolled out an update solving this before I even had a chance to ask.


Woo Donations - Plugin

Fantastic plugin!

I tried the free version of the plugin and could see that the premium version was much better. So I went and upgraded to the pro version as soon as possible.


Woo Donations - Plugin

So far so good

Well done!


Woo Donation - Plugin

We were looking for a simple donation plugin and this one does what we need.

I would, however, like more ability to customize the text output by the plugin, for example, field placeholder values and error messages and there are no admin options or WordPress filters to enable this.


Woo Donation - Plugin

Have repurposed it for a unique Woocommerce need that has nothing to do with donations and it’s really easy to customise and does the trick. Thanks for making it available.


Woo Donation - Plugin

[Update 2020.05.20 I’m a little slow to post this update, but I’ve found that Geek Web Solution is quite responsive to problems, and every issue I had with the plugin is now fixed, and we’ve gone live with it on our site. Now I can highly recommend it!]

[Update 2020.02.17 The negative donations issues appears to be fixed! Thanks, Geek Web Solution! I bumped up my rating to three stars. But…I reinstalled the plugin to find that on the settings page the donation product doesn’t appear in the Select Donation Product list. Instead, it list five random products, none of which are donations. They seem to be out most recently added products. So one thing fixed, another broken.]

I really want to like this plugin. It is simple and straightforward, and does what it’s supposed to do pretty well.

EXCEPT that the negative donations problem makes this a non-starter for us. Allowing a customer to negate the cost of everything in their cart is just bizarre. And having to add the script snippet (buried in the support forum) to the cart or checkout page is a sorry way to overcome what is a fundamental problem with the plugin.

If that problem is ever fixed we’ll be happy to use it. A nice addition would be to be able to include some text for donation ask text, beyond just the text box and button.


Woo Donation - Plugin

This is a simple and straight forward solution to adding donations! Thank you!


Woo Donations - Plugin