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This plugin allows users to manage the stocks on a single screen daily, every minute, hourly, weekly, monthly, hourly, twice a day, and yearly. You can customize the scheduled date according to your policy. This plugin is used to add the products as per your scheduled time. You can use this plugin for various product types, which is called a variation in this plugin. Just enable schedule stock manage checkbox to add the stock quantity option in the plugin and select the schedule type and stock quantity.

There are features to manage stocks flexibility for both simple and variation products. Here, the WooCommerce Schedule Stock manager provides an option to set a schedule type and stock quantity.

With this plugin, you can set up a sale for your users by adding sale price, quantity, regular price. Also, have an option to set schedule type for stock quantity, which lets your customers ensure stock availability. Furthermore, this plugin also allows you to increase the number of stocks based on the schedule type.

Recently we added a new feature “Start Time”. This feature can help you to start your stock scheduling on a specific date and time with a selected schedule type. And also a new option “Every Month With Specific Date Time” is added in Schedule Type.

This plugin is very easy to use. Just install and activate the plugin, and after installation, you can start adding your stocks for the users and visitors.

Plugin Details

  • Current Version:1.7
  • Latest Update:26/02/2024
  • WordPress Version:6.4 or higher
  • Tested up to:6.4.3
  • PHP Version:7.4
  • Price:$14 / Lifetime
  • Rating:

plugin features

Add or Update Schedule stock quantity to Stock quantity

Add or Update Schedule stock quantity to Stock quantity with Custom date and time

Option to customize the date and time according to your requirement

Schedule Type with options Every Minute, Hourly, Monthly, Twice a day, Weekly, Twice Monthly to set stock quantity

Useful for both simple and variation product

Manage enable and disable schedule stocks according to the product availability

Option to enable, disable, schedule stocks manually

Variation Product and Simple Product with different stock quantity

Users can set a starting date and time for the stock schedule.

1. Custom Date Feature for Schedule Stock

Select the custom date and time option to add stock quantity at a specific time for the product. This feature will work for both simple and variable products.

features img
features img

2. Add or Update Schedule Stock Quantity.

Using this feature you can schedule a stock quantity to add or update the current stock quantity on the scheduled date and time. This option can be worked properly with both simple and variable product types.

3. New Feature "Start Time"

Now you can set a start date and time for scheduling stock for all schedule types.

Note: For Monthly schedule: If the selected date is not in any month stock will be scheduled on the last date of the month.

features img



This a great tool for any business that needs to control their stock output. For most businesses the plugin is perfect as it is, I required a slight customisation and the team were imminent in their response time and production of the adaptation. Would recommend to anybody and will not hesitate to do business with the team again.


WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager - Plugin

Great Functionality and Support

This plugin does not have any analogs and works great for stores that want to automate restock function in specific internals automatically

Maximus Kuzminas

WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager - Plugin

Fantastic plugin that works in my case perfectly.
You can create a catalog and sell the products only on the date and time you want.

5 stars.


WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager - Plugin